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Marissa Begonia

Founding Member and Director

Family and origin

Marissa is a proud single mother of three who travelled from the Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom in search for decent living and a bright future for her children. She described that leaving her children behind was the most painful and difficult decision of her life but she had a dream for her children. Marissa is happily living with her 3 children in England and whenever finds time, she would visit her family in the Philippines. Read her award winning story 



Community Organiser and Campaigner

Marissa had experienced abuse and exploitation in the hands of many abusive employers and made her realised that she wasn't alone in this vulnerable work condition which led her to the founding of The Voice of domestic Workers previously known as Justice for Domestic Workers, a self-help group of migrant domestic workers campaigning for their rights and welfare in the UK. The Voice of Domestic Workers provide education and campaign for Britain's over 16,000 Overseas Domestic Workers Visa. Marissa is a Unite the Union Representative (Union Rep) for Migrant Domestic Workers, the biggest Trade Union in the UK.



In 2010 and 2011, Marissa represented the UK's Trade Unions (TUC and Unite the Union) in the Tripartite discussion of now international law International Labour Organisation Convention 189, UN Geneva.

In 2013 Marissa was also the representative in the High Level Dialogue on Global Forum on Migration and Development, UN- New York and was the speaker at the side event of the International Labour Organisation during the High Level Dialogue. Read spotlight on Marissa Begonia

Marissa is now the Vice Chair of Domestic Work Sector of the European Federation of Food, Agriculture and Tourism (EFFAT). 

Isabel Bertschinger                Coordinator

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