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Domestic workers in the UK face economic, emotional and physical

on daily basis.

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Rose, VODW member


"I was unaware of my rights when I first arrived to the UK. I equipped myself with information that I searched from website. I went for job hunting with the hope of finding family that will respect me as worker and I found one. This is the importance of having the right to change employer. Being with J4DW* has given me the opportunity to progress and engage actively. Above all, I am abe to support my fellow domestic workers. Next Month Nov. 18 and 19th, I am going to the EFFAT Conference in Vienna Australia, I will do my best to deliver and get the support of EFFAT and delegates from EU Countries to strengthen our domestic workers’ rights campaign at EU Level."

*J4DW was the former name of The Voice of Domestic Workers


Old DW Visa system


"When I was arrested by UKBA, accused of working in my employer’s office, no organisation helped me. It was J4DW who helped and supported me throughout my trial until I won my case. I never thought I could come out from detention in Yarl’s wood. In detention, they provide my needs but it was frightened to be caged and for 3 times they attempted to deport me but  Co-founders of J4DW visited me and got me a very good human rights lawyer until I was freed but it was 4 years battle in court, I am grateful for the support of my fellow domestic workers in J4DW, you are my family. I have now Indefinite Leave to remain and 2 lovely children. Even with kids, I continue to be active because I don’t know where I am now without J4DW, it is now my time to support fellow domestic workers in need and J4DW whenever I can."


Under Tied Visa


"I sought support from J4DW after fleeing an abusive employer in Yorkshire. My employer brought me here from Qatar in July 2012. My English is very limited and because I have no proper documents, employers would abuse me all the time. There was one who didn’t give me any salary and there was employer who has beaten me, Marissa came to rescue me at mid-night. No other organisation who would do this kind of 24 hours service but only J4DW. I applied under the protection of Human Trafficking found positive so I was given 1 year leave to remain but this is not enough time for me to recover and to find good employer. My solicitor applied asylum for me because I come from war area in the Philippines. Throughout this trial Marissa was my interpreter who would pushed me to fight and be strong at times I was weak and was giving-up. I won asylum and soon found a job though not yet good but much better than before. I know I have to improve my English so I can speak well about my rights and have good opportunities. I am now attending J4DW English and IT classes and have improved. I am active in Rally and media interviews because I know how hard it is to live and work without proper documents and be enslave I am very happy as J4DW and thankful for support, I hope J4DW live forever."