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Glimpse of Hope by Analee Lazarito

Glimpse of Hope

by Analee Lazarito

I'm so tired of this empty feeling,

tired of being a migrant that lives alone.

Sacrificing away from home

I lay here staring at the ceiling,

Waiting by the phone ringing.

Thinking and wandering the land

where I was born.

I wish and I dream

that I’ll be home soon,

That we will be together

with my daughter and son,

I can't wait until we gather

and hugging each other

doing the things that we had never

I cry a thousand tears,

And think how much more I can take,

But in my heart I know,

I'd wait a thousand years

All for love's sake.

Stress is eating me every minute,

and second of the day.

How do I cope with the horrible effects

and make it go away?

Of remembering my love ones

that already passed away.

I try not to weep.

I hope he doesn't hear my cries,

But I can't stop the tears Falling from my eyes.

I feel so tired and run down,

I hardly can't sleep.

I lie in bed at night,

and wonder why it runs so deep.

Everyone asks why do you look so sad?

Do I tell them that my stress is eating me up

and that I feel really bad?

Just because my visa recently expired

and my salary are always delayed

I can’t demand to increase the wage that they paid.

I wake up every morning feeling so hopeless,

like nothing ever goes right and wondering

why my life is such a mess.

Only God knows how hard that I took

without rights in the country that I work.

I won't surrender and trust God

with all of these things.

I know he can manage everything.

This is a challenge that I'm going to strive for.

I'm a strong woman,

I got this and I'm going to survive!

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