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Love Beyond Boundaries

by: Education Working Group


In the month dedicated to love and compassion, we shine a spotlight on a remarkable story of devotion that transcends familial ties. "Love Beyond Boundaries" unfolds the narrative of The Voice of Domestic Workers and their extraordinary commitment to providing endless love and support to the organisation’s members.


In a world where the voices of domestic workers often echo in silence, The Voice of Domestic Workers emerges as a sanctuary, offering refuge and a robust support system. It is a beacon of unwavering love, their dedication goes far beyond the call of duty. Though not bound by blood, their love showers upon the members is nothing short of priceless.


Wrapped in darkness, I thought it was the end for me until VODW rescued me. With them around, I felt a deep sense of relief, finding comfort and safety. The warmth, love, and the embrace of a caring family at VODW turned my journey into a source of hope during my toughest times. - Mary


Domestic workers facing harrowing experiences in foreign lands find solace in the advocacy and support provided by The Voice of Domestic Workers, their compassionate leadership, creates an environment where love becomes a powerful force for change. It's a love that ensures safety, rehabilitation, and empowerment for those who have sought refuge from abusive situations.


I thought there was no hope, but when the volunteer members of The Voice of Domestic Workers rescued me from my abusive employers, I sensed the thorn had been removed from within me. VODW became my support system, ensuring my rights. Advice from this organisation motivated me to concentrate on my dreams, transforming them into reality. - Danah


The commitment of The Voice of Domestic Workers is reflected in the comprehensive support system from legal assistance to psychological counselling, every aspect of a member's well-being is embraced. This kind of love, though not blood-related, becomes a lifeline, fostering a sense of belonging and security.


The stories of success within The Voice of Domestic Workers paint a vivid picture of the impact of this unique form of love. Members find not only support for their immediate needs but also a collective voice challenging systemic issues perpetuating exploitation and abuse. The love, expressed through their tireless efforts, inspires a team of equally dedicated individuals who together create a nurturing environment for survivors.


I joined The Voice of Domestic Workers in 2016, initially drawn to the classes they offered. Little did I know that these 7 years would transform my life. Today, as a board of trustee, I owe my growth and identity to VODW.  I’m immensely grateful to Marissa Begonia, the director, for shaping me from “nobody to somebody” through this incredible journey. - Mimi


As we celebrate the month of love, let's recognize and appreciate the immeasurable love that The Voice of Domestic Workers pour into the lives of those in need. This kind of love, transcending blood ties, serves as a testament to the boundless potential of compassion and solidarity in making a lasting impact on the lives of migrant domestic workers. Love, in the hands of The Voice of Domestic Workers, becomes a powerful force for positive change, proving that some of the most profound relationships are not defined by blood but by the shared commitment to creating a better, more compassionate world.





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