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The Voice of Domestic Workers in the UK

A collection of videos featuring our members in national and independent media
Supporting Exploited And Abused Migrant Workers in the UK (AJ+)


In the UK, some employers exploit and abuse migrant domestic workers, and those workers have little recourse because their visas are tied to those same employers. Marissa Begonia is fighting to change the visa law, and is helping workers who have few options to escape their dangerous circumstances.

Message from UK domestic workers



A Message for the UK and the United Nations from J4DW.

J4DW rally to 'Say No to Slavery'


J4DW is the UK's representative in the important worldwide debate on modern slavery.

Hidden Hope: Domestic Workers Speak out


Stories from domestic workers in the UK, fighting for domestic workers rights and the end of slavery.

Domestic workers exploitation worldwide

A collection of videos explaining issues migrant domestic workers face worldwide
No one should work this way: Ending the abuse of Asian domestic workers (ILO)


This video is part of an advocacy project to expose some of the abuses and poor conditions that a significant number of domestic workers experience, and call for governments to ratify international convention (ILO Convention 189) that would protect them .There are more than 52 million domestic workers worldwide but the vast majority are unprotected by labour laws. This leaves them open to – sometimes terrible – abuse and exploitation. The journalist Karen Emmons worked with the photographer Steve McCurry on this documentary project. 

Domestic Workers Trapped, Exploited and Abused in the UAE (Human Rights Watch)


United Arab Emirates (UAE) has a visa regime very similar to the one in the UK. Migrant domestic workers in the UAE are beaten, exploited, and trapped in forced labor situations. The UAE government, about to take up an influential new role in the International Labour Organization (ILO), has failed to adequately protect female domestic workers – many of them from the Philippines – from abuse by employers and recruiters.

Migrants and the British society

A collection of videos celebrating a contribution migrants make to the society
Migrants Manifesto - #OurDay (mrn)

The new Migrant Manifesto video produced for the OurDay campaign to celebrate the International Migrants Day. Migrants' Rights Network has launched a campaign called 'Our Day' to mark the International Migrants Day in the UK and to celebrate the contribution migrants make. The Migrant Manifesto was created in collaboration with immigration academics, activists, politicians, and community members at a convening at the Immigrant Movement International headquarters in Corona, Queens on November 4th and 5th, 2011.

Merry Christmas to all Migrants in the UK

This film is a part of #MigrantsContribute campaign that seeks a more truthful portrayal of migrants by stopping the escalating demonisation of migrants in media and political speeches, in order to foster a fairer debate about migration towards the General Elections.

A video celebrating International Domestic Workers Day 2015