We are grateful to your generous donations. We have included the words of two of our grant recipients below.

"I was terminated without pay since the first lockdown in 2020 and I was very happy when I found full-time job at the beginning of January 2021. I started to work immediately, I found-out this family is infected with covid19. I wasn't informed during the phone interview and it was too late for me to back-out. Until I was infected too. I worked 16 hours a day with no rest even I was very sick already. I called 'The Voice of Domestic Workers' for advice and help. I am now in isolation and tested positive. I am scared but I could only pray and hope I get better soon. I am grateful to VODW for the food delivery and financial support." Gemma

"My employer received guests everyday until they are infected and tested positive with Covid-19. Because I have to look after my employer and her son and clean their rooms, I am now tested positive and suffering from this virus." Xia 

We are grateful for your generous support, Thank You!