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MS VODW 2024

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Ms The Voice of Domestic Worker, now in its third iteration within our organization, serves as a powerful platform to showcase the inherent beauty, talent, and, most importantly, the resounding voice of migrant domestic workers. In organizing this event, we recognize that beauty transcends the conventional, and true beauty lies in the strength, resilience, and stories of these unsung heroes.

The pageant is not merely a display of external beauty but a celebration of the remarkable talents and intelligence that define our members. Each participant becomes a living testament to the multifaceted capabilities of migrant domestic workers, demonstrating that their contributions extend far beyond the confines of their daily responsibilities.

Beyond the glitz and glamour, the pageant fosters lasting friendships among participants, creating a tight-knit community that transcends cultural and linguistic boundaries. It becomes a nexus of shared experiences, providing a space for mutual support and understanding. The pageant acts as a microcosm of the vision and mission of our organization, where unity, empowerment, and justice intertwine.

Through this event, we aim to amplify the voices that often go unheard, bringing attention to the challenges faced by migrant domestic workers. The talents showcased on stage serve as a testament to the multifaceted identities of these individuals, challenging stereotypes and breaking down barriers.

In essence, our pageant becomes a vibrant tapestry woven with the threads of resilience, courage, and shared aspirations. It is a celebration of the diversity and strength within our community, sending a powerful message that transcends borders, echoing our organization's vision and mission for justice, dignity, and positive change for migrant domestic workers in the UK.

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Empowering Voices, Inspiring Change


The Voice of Domestic Workers (VODW) pageant is more than a celebration of beauty; it's a platform dedicated to being the resounding voice of Britain's migrant domestic workers. Our mission is to empower, support, and champion justice for these unsung heroes who contribute significantly to the fabric of British society. By providing a lifeline for those facing abuse, offering immediate assistance, emergency accommodations, and essential resources, we stand as a united front breaking the chains of isolation and vulnerability. Our commitment is rooted in ensuring the fundamental right to respect and dignity for domestic workers.

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Beauty Beyond Appearance, Impact Beyond Borders


Our vision for the pageant transcends conventional beauty standards. We aspire to be a catalyst for positive transformation, fostering unity, enlightenment, and advocacy among migrant domestic workers. Through our inclusive and supportive community, we aim to break down the barriers of isolation through comprehensive educational initiatives. These include not only practical guidance such as financial and employment advice but also opportunities for personal growth through English language lessons, IT class and engaging arts programs. The pageant serves as a powerful medium to amplify the collective voice of domestic workers, sharing their stories and experiences to raise awareness of the injustices they face. Our ultimate goal is to be at the forefront of instigating positive policy changes that enhance the living and working conditions of migrant domestic workers, ensuring the protection and upholding of their fundamental rights in the UK. Beauty in our pageant goes beyond appearance, creating a lasting impact that transcends borders and transforms lives.

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As a candidate and a representative of a fundraising group, my aim is to serve as a role model for migrant domestic workers nationwide. This pageant offers a significant opportunity for all of us to increase awareness and empower migrant domestic workers who have been advocating for justice and rights for over a decade in the UK. It is a chance for them to stand up, voice their opposition, and make it known that this vulnerable group of women can contribute significantly to our society. CLICK HERE TO VOTE


As a representative of the Media com Working Group, I recognize that each contestant has unique reasons for joining the Raising Awareness pageant. Personally, I stand before you today to showcase my beauty, my uniqueness, my strength, and my resilience. My participation is driven by the desire to boost my confidence and self-esteem, and I aim to inspire fellow domestic workers to do the same. This awareness-raising platform provides an opportunity to share experiences, knowledge, and the importance of recognizing the rights and value of domestic workers. CLICK HERE TO VOTE


As a representative of the Mediacom Working Group, my decision to participate in this pageant stems from the belief that everyone should have equal opportunities and rights, regardless of their past experiences or origins. I want to demonstrate that every individual deserves recognition in society, with a particular emphasis on domestic workers in the United Kingdom. I firmly believe that strength is a form of beauty, and that's why I stand in solidarity with migrant domestic workers. CLICK HERE TO VOTE


I participate in this pageant not only for its beauty aspect but also as a platform to raise awareness about important issues. Through this experience, I seek to boost my confidence, develop skills, and undergo personal growth as a domestic worker. I aim to showcase my multitasking abilities, emphasizing that others can achieve similar feats by trusting themselves. This awareness-raising pageant provides a space for domestic workers to share diverse stories, empowering and inspiring one another. Despite diverse backgrounds, the pageant fosters connections and friendships, highlighting the importance and value of domestic workers in society and as individuals. CLICK HERE TO VOTE


As a member of an educational group and one of the trained spokespersons for Future Voices 2, I am taking part in this pageant to disseminate my knowledge and advocate for my charity, The Voice of Domestic Workers. My aim is to amplify my voice in campaigning for women's empowerment and raising awareness among all migrant workers, particularly domestic workers, about their rights. I view participating in Ms VODW as an opportunity to empower fellow domestic workers, encouraging them to contemplate their purpose and assisting them in building resilience to pursue and achieve their goals. CLICK HERE TO VOTE


Despite my short time in this organization, I understand our platform and mission well. I speak up not to make noise but to ensure the voiceless are heard. My goal is to raise awareness among fellow domestic workers, emphasizing that we are employees deserving of fair treatment, not victims. Asserting our right to safety motivates my participation in this pageant. I aim to inspire fellow domestic workers to join the empowering Future Voices program and, through my involvement, regain the confidence to fight for our rights. Additionally, I want to convey that empowered women of VODW have the strength to end exploitation and prevent abuse. Let's unite in advocating for a brighter future and persist in our fight for rights. CLICK HERE TO VOTE


Being an active member and now a representative of the Trade Union group, my participation in this pageant is driven by the desire to be a voice for domestic workers, proudly representing our community and shedding light on the challenges and contributions of domestic workers worldwide. I see this opportunity as a means to empower and raise awareness, inspiring my fellow domestic workers to stand up, understand their rights, and recognize their value. Through our participation, we can motivate others to embrace their strengths, pursue their dreams, and advocate for their rights. CLICK HERE TO VOTE

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