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Ma Cristina


“As one of the leaders of my community, I want to be a role model to other migrant domestic workers, to show that knowing your self worth and your rights is very important. Being committed is a choice, it’s not an option.”


My name is Ma.Cristina, and I was born in 1985 in Metro Manila, in the Philippines. I grew up with my grandparents, and am one of seven siblings. We had very little money to afford food and transportation to school, but my grandmother did her best to provide for us. I studied Business Management at Metro Tagaytay College of Business and Arts but I was an undergraduate because my parents couldn’t afford my education. I have a daughter, and I later got married. I then worked abroad in Qatar and Dubai. I'm thankful that I found The Voice of Domestic Workers, who comforted me. The organisation taught me about my rights as a domestic worker, and how to protect myself. Now I’m proud to say that I’m an active leader of the Trade Union Working Group, and I am continuing to help our community by raising awareness about our rights and campaigning for our organisation’s advocacy. 


Voice of Domestic Workers in Collaboration with SoundDelivery Media

The Voice of Domestic Workers
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