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This service is a one-to-one session with professional therapist Aurelia De Rocha who specialises in trauma and has experience  with a wide range of issues including anxiety, not feeling good enough, relationship problems, and depression. Domestic Workers  are often suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) because of severe physical abuse, overwork, and mental torture at the hands of perpetrators. The session is provided with a translator if necessary. 

Counselling 1

Doctors of the World (DOTW)
Monthly Surgery

DOTW provides a monthly surgery with every second Sunday of the month to help our members register at the health centre so they have a GP.

Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs) have no proof of address and passport to show to be able to register at the health centre on their own. DOTW helped them by providing a letter addressed to their nearest health centre. DOTW also provides HIV and STI tests. They also delivered awareness sessions.

Doctors of the World

Job Referrals

The Voice of Domestic Workers (VODW) is not an agency. The job referrals are through our own community. We are also in touch with many agencies.


We have a ready contract to ensure employers follow what is in the employment law. We prepare our members before going to the interview including support in applying for National Insurance

so employers pay tax and NI.

Job Referrals

NRM Referrals

Prior to the change in 2012, domestic workers could no longer renew their Overseas Domestic Worker Visa and the only available option to temporarily support domestic workers is to refer them to National Referral Mechanism (NRM). We provide Pre-NRM advice

before making referrals to NRM.


We referred domestic workers to Kalayaan, Medaille Trust, ATLEU, and Salvation Army (currently closed)

NRM Referrals

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