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Mary Queen


"I want to gain empowerment, enhance my skills, and build confidence through the program. My aspiration is to become a spokesperson for domestic workers, advocating for our rights and dignity."


My name is Mary Queen, and I am a 33-year-old mother of six from Iloilo, Philippines. Growing up on a small inherited farm, we faced significant financial hardships. After my parents separated, my siblings and I had to work to support our mother since our father refused to help. I married in my hometown and had six children. Despite both my husband and me working, we struggled to make ends meet. In 2019, seeking better opportunities, I moved to Dubai as a domestic worker. These employers brought me to the UK multiple times, where I was locked in their house and denied my salary. 

In 2023, after enduring severe abuse, I was desperate to escape. With the help of The Voice of Domestic Workers, I managed to flee. I am determined to overcome these challenges and ensure a brighter future for my family. This journey has been incredibly tough, but I remain hopeful and focused on creating a better life.


Voice of Domestic Workers in Collaboration with SoundDelivery Media

The Voice of Domestic Workers
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