The Voice of Domestic Workers


The Voice of Domestic Workers is an education and support group calling for justice and rights for Britain's sixteen thousand migrant domestic workers.  We provide educational and community activities for domestic workers - including English language lessons, drama and art classes, and employment advice, and provide support for domestic workers who exit from abusive employers.​

Our work seeks to end discrimination and protect migrant domestic workers living in the UK by providing or assisting in the provision of education, training, healthcare and legal advice.

Domestic workers in the UK face economic, emotional and physical on daily basis.


We wish to raise awareness of our campaign to improve the living and working conditions of migrant domestic workers in the UK and to increase respect for the work that we do. As well as speaking out for our rights we also solve each other’s practical problems. We find each other emergency accommodation and pool our resources to provide food and clothing. Together we search for ways to overcome our isolation and vulnerability and demand respect as workers, as contributors to the British economy and society, and as human beings.

The Voice of Domestic Workers recognises that it needs support from other organisations and hence its close and complementary working relationships with Kalayaan, Anti-slavery International and Unite the Union. Gradually the organisation has built up links with others, namely The Showroom, Migrant and Refugee Communities Forum (MRCF) , Migrant Rights Network (MRN), Anti Slavery International (ASI), Evelyn Oldfield Unite, Tate Modern, Amnesty International, Christian Aid, London Citizens and with the Respect Network in Europe.

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