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“I want to tell my fellow domestic workers to stand up and fight for our rights and use their voices to speak to people and to the world that we are not slaves, we are not their family, but we are workers and have to be treated fairly.”


My name is Josephine, I have two daughters and 1 step-daughter. Because of poverty in the Philippines, I chose to leave my family and applied to work abroad. I have big regrets that my parents were not able to continue sending me to school because they broke up and no one wanted to pay for my tuition fees, which made me decide to work hard for my children. I want them to finish their studies and have a degree. That became my inspiration and motivation not to give up on all of my struggles in life.


I came to the UK in August 2022, this place was new to me and I didn't know what kind of life awaits me here. My work situation was the same and I was wondering if I could change my work situation for the better. I was not aware of the rules and regulations here. I was hoping I could find people or group that could tell me.

After finding the VODW, I was able to take English classes, which helped my confidence and ability to speak to others. As a member of this organisation I can become a voice for my fellow domestic workers, to reinforce our rights and the fair treatment that we deserve. Joining Future Voices will help me learn and widen my knowledge to have a better understanding of what VODW is really fighting for.


Voice of Domestic Workers in Collaboration with SoundDelivery Media

The Voice of Domestic Workers
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