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Nerisa Valerio


I want to raise awareness about the plight of migrant domestic workers in the UK and to improve their social protection. I want the government to recognise domestic work as essential work.

My Story

My name is Nerisa Valerio, I am a mother of five, and I have been a domestic worker for twenty-five years. Being a mother away from home, away from my loved ones, is very difficult. This is a sacrifice I had to make– working abroad where the culture and government system are very different from that of my country, the Philippines. But I bear this sacrifice because I have a dream. I have a goal to fulfill for my family, especially my children.


I want to give them a better education, a better life, to experience things that I have never experienced. I came to the UK from Jordan in 2006 with my employer during their holidays. While in the UK, I was still paid my Jordan salary. My visa was for one year and I eventually decided to leave this employer because I wanted to find better opportunities. At that time I had rights so I was able to rebuild my life and provided a decent living for my children. In 2017, I joined The Voice of Domestic Workers not because I needed help but because I wanted to contribute to the advocacy and campaign of the organisation. I became a Trustee and leader of the Welfare Working group.


I have been speaking on the rights of migrant domestic workers since I have the advantage of being able to travel because of my British status. I feel I could still do more and that is why I joined 'Future Voices' to upskill myself.


Nerisa Valerio VODW Futurevoices

Migrant Women’s leadership matters to tackle the under-representation of women in powerful positions. Let’s uplift and motivate each other, to put up the best fight for our place and to accomplish all our dreams.


Voice of Domestic Workers in Collaboration with SoundDelivery Media

The Voice of Domestic Workers
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