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Dareen Pahayahay


I want to help domestic workers who are suffering from abuse and use my knowledge to help solve their issues so they can carry on with their lives and work in safety

My Story

I'm Dareen Pahayahay, born and raised in the Philippines. I finished my secondary education as a working student. In 2016 I went abroad as a domestic worker with the hope and desire to help my family experiencing poverty. Life as a family was very hard. We had no house of our own and we only relied on our relatives. I want to provide a better life and future for my child. My employer brought me here from Qatar in 2019, we arrived in Scotland.


I escaped after five days because they starved me and I didn't have any rest or sleep. My body was so weak, I was only given chips once a day. Through the support and help of VODW, I found my way to London, it wasn't an easy journey but I had to be strong at that very moment in order to survive. I became an active member of the Voice of Domestic Workers, who are such a big help for me as a victim of modern slavery. For those whose rights were exploited, it's time for us to know our rights and fight for them!


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Women have a big role in society. Despite this, women are often neglected and their rights are being compromised. Gender inequality should be put to an end because women can do great things. Women have the hidden capabilities that they need to discover. Women are sometimes clueless about what their real worth is, but once they realize it, women become unstoppable. To all the women out there, we are all queens and with that, we have the right to decide and to choose what makes us happy and be the best version of ourselves!


Voice of Domestic Workers in Collaboration with SoundDelivery Media

The Voice of Domestic Workers
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