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Dotty Fernandes


I want to face politicians with confidence so I can get their attention to do the right thing for migrant domestic workers. I also want to learn new tech skills so I can adapt to the digital world and help 'The Voice of Domestic Workers' win our campaign

My Story

My name is Dotty Fernandes. I am Indian and a British citizen. I am 70 years old. I came to the UK in April 2006 and my job involved caring, cleaning, and child care. I worked as a domestic worker and through this job, I was able to provide a good education and a good future for my son. But the price of my sacrifices was too hard to bear. While working as a domestic worker in private household, I was abused and treated like a slave. I was not given food, not allowed to use the dishwasher, not allowed to use the radiator. I was asked to wear worn-out clothes by my employer. I was not allowed to use a glass to drink water – and was given a jam jar. I was told it was because I was only a maid.


I also had to sleep in the basements of the building, I was not given a key to the house. One night this employer threw me out of the house without paying me my salary. There was one person who helped; Sarbjit Johal whom I met in The Voice of Domestic Workers, who helped to sort out my problem so I wouldn't be homeless. I won the battle and now I have a house to live. Today, I am living a simple life but I am happy and at peace. I learned to fight back against all these abuses. I was lucky to have my rights as a worker, I was able to leave any abusive employment.


I have been at the frontline of the campaign of The Voice of Domestic Workers. I attended the classes and training and I believe there is no age limit to learning. This is why I am here in ‘Future Voices’ I still want to learn new things and be more digital.


Dotty Fernandes TVODW Futurevoices

Women are equal to men.

Woman is a peacemaker.

Woman is a breadwinner.

Without a woman home won’t function.

Woman is a fighter who never gives up.

Hail women of the world with dignity!

Respect women in every workplace and as human beings. Women are loving mothers, sisters, daughters and friends. To all wonderful women, we are special in many ways.


Voice of Domestic Workers in Collaboration with SoundDelivery Media

The Voice of Domestic Workers
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