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“I want to create social media content to help my fellow domestic workers so that they know their rights and for this to be a way for them to avoid abuse from their employers”


I am Lovelyjoy, eldest of three siblings. I was born in the Philippines, I have two children. I started going abroad in 2011, and in the years that have passed, I have not been able to see and monitor the growth of my children, especially my youngest child who was only one year old at that time. It was not easy for me to leave and be away from them. I chose to go far away and go abroad to give them a good life and future, and I will always be determined to work hard for their needs.


During my 12 years of working abroad, I have experienced many abuses by employers. I know many domestic workers like me don't know what our rights are. So, I want to create social media content to help and convey to my fellow domestic workers what we have to do, especially to the new domestic workers. And for this to be the way for them to fight for their rights and avoid any abuse by their employers. I have been an active member of the Voice of Domestic Workers for five years and I am leading the Trade Union group in the organisation. I am determined as a Future Voice participant to add to my knowledge and self-confidence so that I can reach all my dreams of helping my fellow domestic workers. Sharing my skills, gaining valuable knowledge, and exploring my curiosity of others stories are all things that I am looking forward to on this programme.


Being part of the Voice of Domestic Workers has allowed me to gain greater knowledge of English and IT skills as well as feeling confident to fight for my rights as a domestic worker. 


It is important to speak out and bring awareness to every grievance of my fellow domestic workers. Everyone should know about our stolen rights, and governments must take action. 


Voice of Domestic Workers in Collaboration with SoundDelivery Media

The Voice of Domestic Workers
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