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Vote Joy #MsVODW2024

Despite my short time in this organization, I understand our platform and mission well. I speak up not to make noise but to ensure the voiceless are heard. My goal is to raise awareness among fellow domestic workers, emphasizing that we are employees deserving of fair treatment, not victims. Asserting our right to safety motivates my participation in this pageant. I aim to inspire fellow domestic workers to join the empowering Future Voices program and, through my involvement, regain the confidence to fight for our rights. Additionally, I want to convey that empowered women of VODW have the strength to end exploitation and prevent abuse. Let's unite in advocating for a brighter future and persist in our fight for rights.


Show your support by sharing this link and follow @thevoiceofdomesticworkers. When you visit this page, be sure to hit the HEART ICON below to register your vote.

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