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A Mother’s Longing

Six years ago, a blessing was bestowed upon me

Something that no material object can replace

In my arms is a serendipity

One that has the same features as me

That moment of something I will forever miss

The fire from my heart, keeping us warm

That’s when I made my promise

To protect my angel, from all harm

My love for my daughter is like no other

So for her, I’m ready to endure any pain

They say a child is inseparable from their mother

So why am I in an airport, waiting to board a plane

The longer I’m gone, the harder it is to live

But I know I have to face my fears

To provide my child with the best future I can give

Even if it means being apart for years

So I sit here, from the opposite side of the planet

Where my nights are my family’s days

And our only connection is through internet

And left my daughter to my family to raise

To think she couldn’t even walk when I came here

And now she has a mind of her own

Just the thought of it makes me shed a tear

It’s crazy to see how much she’s grown

Many seem to think that being migrant is easy

They think it’s all sunshine and rainbows

But the emotional baggage isn’t payable by money

Being alone going through all kinds of highs and lows

It’s hard to not think about what could I’ve been

Never a time where I am at ease

It’s like watching a film from a screen

Hopelessly dreaming about all the possibilities

But this is not a fairytale, this is for real

For my family, I must keep my head up high

I am a daughter, a sister and a mother

I’m ready to do everything to see them again eye to eye

So for now, I’ll continue watching from far away

While being the best I can be

And show my love in all the different ways I can convey

All for the good of my family

About the Author:

Jenny is a domestic worker, born in the Philippines. She worked in the government sector but the salary was not enough to feed her family. She left this good job and ventured abroad to work for her family’s future. She is now one of the active members of The Voice of Domestic Worker and was selected to participate in the Future Voice training programme to develop skills and confidence as a public speaker.

She says that writing a poem is “my way to ease the pain and the homesickness. Leaving my daughter is a huge sacrifice and it breaks my heart that she is growing up without my presence. I’m hoping the government will see this struggle and give us back our rights as domestic workers”


Find out more about the Voice of Domestic Workers Future Voices programme #VODWFutureVoices and follow The Voice of Domestic Workers @thevoiceofdws

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