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Live Digital Illustration: A Journey through #VODWFutureVoices by Esme Hemmings

Updated: Mar 14

Witness the vibrant energy of Esme Hemmings' live digital illustration capturing the essence of the #VODWFutureVoices Showcase 2024. These sketch notes encapsulate the passion, resilience, and empowerment of migrant domestic worker advocacy as it unfolds in real-time

Visual representation in advocacy holds immense power, encapsulating movements' spirit and rallying supporters. Esme's recent illustration beautifully captures #VODWFutureVoices campaign, highlighting migrant domestic worker advocates.

The #VODWFutureVoices Showcase, part of the Future Voices 2 program, was more than a talent display; it showcased resilience, courage, and advocacy's potency.

About a hundred individuals, both migrants and non-migrants, gathered virtually and physically to witness the compelling event. Twelve participants shared narratives, marking a moment of catharsis, tears of pain and joy mingling as they unveiled their experiences and aspirations.

The showcase was a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Arlyn, a program graduate, expressed a newfound identity and a mission to advocate for fellow domestic workers.

The event fostered dynamic exchange through Q&A sessions, offering insight into challenges and triumphs. A poignant dance performance served as a finale, symbolizing inspiration and empowerment.

VODW Future Voices program, in collaboration with Sounddelivery Media, goes beyond training; it's a movement. It aims to empower domestic workers to advocate for their community and society. The showcase marked months of rigorous training, where participants discovered their voices.

As curtains descended on #VODWFutureVoices Showcase, it left an enduring impression, reminding of empowerment's essence: confronting struggles. The program shapes a future where every marginalized voice is acknowledged and esteemed.

About the Artist

Esme Hemmings is an illustrator who has been drawing since she was old enough to hold a pencil. Since 2020 she turned her hobby into a career and has been working as a freelance illustrator for the past 4 years. Alongside illustrating she has ten years experience in the charity sector, working for charities that support refugees, asylum seekers and anyone with insecure immigration status. She has illustrated graphic notes for Sainsburys, Comic Relief, Action Aid, People and Planet plus others and her work is often focused on anti-oppression, anti-racism and intersectional feminism. She hopes to draw a better world for everyone. 

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