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Domestic Workers
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The Voice of Domestic Workers a support network and campaign organisation

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The Voice of Domestic Workers is run by and for migrant domestic workers. Our organisation is supported by a Board of Trustees, Volunteers and a small and dedicated staff team.

The Voice of Domestic Workers is an education and support group calling for justice and rights for Britain's sixteen thousand migrant domestic workers. We provide support for domestic workers who need to leave abusive employers and in many cases rescue them ourselves.

We find each other emergency accommodations and pool our resources to provide food and clothing. Together we search for ways to overcome our isolation and vulnerability and demand respect as workers, as contributors to the British economy and society, and as human beings.

We provide educational and community activities for domestic workers - including financial and employment advice alongside English language lessons, drama and art classes.

Speaking out about our work, sharing our stories and our experiences is vital if we are to address the injustice many of our network are facing, raising awareness of our work to improve the living and working conditions of migrant domestic workers in the UK and to increase respect for the work that we do with an end goal of tacking the policies that affect our rights.

We have a membership of 1000 people across the country, mostly concentrated in London also in Leeds, Manchester, Kent and although we don’t have members in Scotland we have rescued someone from there and brought them to London.

Every year, around 23,000 migrant domestic workers enter the UK brought by their foreign employer using a six-month non-renewable private domestic worker visa. The Voice of Domestic Workers fought very hard for domestic workers’ rights to be reinstated but we were unsuccessful. In 2016, the Government announced that they had already ‘untied’ the Tied Visa system of the Overseas Domestic Worker visa which means that domestic workers could already change employers.




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I’m very grateful for this opportunity because I learned how to write my personal CV or bio data and also I can do my own email and recovery email. Specially I learned how to use laptop and how to search in google all the thing I need to know.

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