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Why the pre-2012 Overseas Domestic Worker Visa is the best prevention against modern slavery, forced labour and trafficking?

We urge the UK government to reinstate the pre-2012 Overseas Domestic Worker visa, allowing migrant domestic workers to renew their visas beyond the current six-month limit and providing a pathway to settlement, known as Indefinite Leave to Remain.

Currently, migrant domestic workers face severe challenges due to visa restrictions. Once their six-month visa expires, many are left undocumented, making them vulnerable to exploitation and forced labor. This situation is especially concerning given the intimate nature of their work and the isolation they often experience within households.

Reinstating the pre-2012 visa with provisions for renewal and settlement would empower migrant domestic workers to seek support in cases of abuse and acknowledge their valuable contributions to society. This action is crucial in addressing the injustices they face and combating modern slavery.

It's time for decisive action to uphold human rights and ensure justice for all members of society.

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