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Annual General Meeting 2024 and A celebration of Learning

On April 7th, at the heart of Unite the Union, something remarkable unfolded – the annual general meeting and learning celebration of the Voice of Domestic Workers. This year marked a significant milestone: seven years as a registered charity and fifteen years as a vibrant community. The event was not just a gathering; it was a testament to empowerment, education, and collective progress.

Throughout the day, attendees from diverse backgrounds came together to share their journeys of learning and development in various classes offered by the organisation, including ESOL (English for Speakers of Other

Languages). From mastering essential IT skills to understanding financial literacy, nurturing body and mind wellness to honing media and communication prowess, each class represented a step towards personal and professional growth.


Grateful for The Voice of Domestic Workers' successful AGM 2024 event, I actively participated in classes to boost my skills. Thanks to supportive teachers, I'm
filled with joy and confidence, ready to embark on my self-improvement journey. Excited for the future, I appreciate the opportunity. - Cristina


Volunteer tutors had the arduous task of selecting the top

performers in each class. These exceptional individuals were recognized with the prestigious Certificate of Excellence, a symbol of their dedication and achievement. However, it wasn't just about individual accolades; it was about acknowledging the collective commitment of all members. Hence, every participant across all classes received a Certificate of Attendance, underscoring their unwavering dedication to self-improvement.


Beyond individual achievements, the event also served as a

platform for democratic participation. Members exercised their right to vote, deciding the fate of their Board of Trustees. Some trustees gracefully stepped

down from their roles, while others were re-elected based on the trust and confidence of the members. Additionally, two domestic workers joined the Board of Trustees – Marigold Balquen and Dotty Fernandez – whose appointment was voted with resounding approval from the community. Our Director, Marissa Begonia and founding member of VoDW gave report and update on the one-year

activities, advocacy and campaign of our organisation and warned us to be vigilant always changes in immigration rules which are rather harmful to migrant domestic workers. Our Coordinator, Ximena Ruiz DelRio emphasized the importance for us to abide by the rules as a registered charity especially on finance. On positivity, we have a healthy funding fiscal year to be able to deliver the ongoing activities and services. We have a good campaign strategy in our bid to finally win back the rights of migrant domestic workers.

The meeting was a celebration of community resilience,

solidarity, and empowerment. It showcased the transformative power of education and collective action in uplifting individuals and communities. As The Voice of

Domestic Workers continues its journey, it does so with renewed vigour, guided by its core principles of inclusivity, empowerment, and advocacy.



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