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A Poem to my Daughter

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

I couldn’t imagine that life would be this great

Until I saw your pretty face

You were tiny, you were beautiful,

I loved your black and straight hair!

Hugging your warm tiny body was the best,

Your smile when you first opened your eyes was the greatest

I love you with all my heart

How can I give you the grandest when all I have is a cent?

It took me thousands of miles just to cross the Arabian sea

With your big smile chasing my dreams

I have enormous hope and perseverance inside me

Whatever it may take, someday we’ll live a life far from this reality

Every day before the sun shines, all I pray is ‘I’ll make it through’

Brooms and rags, dust and dirt. I care less when I’m thinking of you

Every minute I deal with an oppressive employer to survive

Restless days and lonely nights, every day I strive.

Time had passed when they decided to bring me to a new land

No decision I made, they just forced me to make my head nod

Skyscrapers East to West. Everything seems vibrant and big.

A promising place I see, but I’m still in an old oppressive cycle

But with my warrior heart and will I’ll fight this unending exploitation

Finally break the chain, pieces shattered on the ground

This second ray of light I clearly see, here in this promised land.

Uncertainties and unending possibilities right here, right now

Longing to hold you and provide you the best future

A vow against Endless discrimination, segregation and unfair treatment I fearlessly fight

But honey you know; mommy’s brave heart is tougher.

All emotions vanished in at least 12 hours of work

While sleeping on my bed, drops of tears I can’t ignore.

My lovely little daughter, sorry I need to go.

Used plates are in the sink, tall grasses I need to mow.

Preparing those foods will be much more fun if they were meant for you.

Just always remember honey, that mommy really loves you.

About the Author:

Jenny is a domestic worker born in the Philippines. She worked in the government sector but the salary was not enough to feed her family. She left this good job and ventured abroad to work for her family’s future. She is now one of the active members of The Voice of Domestic Worker and was selected to participate in the Future Voice training programme to develop skills and confidence as a public speaker.

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