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International Women’s Day: ‘Let our loudest voice be a threat to an unjust system’

''My best wishes to all women who tirelessly work in supporting many others, we find strength in you in rebuilding our own broken lives. Let our loudest voice be a threat to end an unjust system. Women, let’s take the lead in every step all the way up!'' Marissa Begonia

Marissa Begonia is a domestic worker as well as a founding member and director of The Voice of Domestic Workers. She is a leading campaigner for the welfare, protection and rights of domestic workers in the UK. Marissa will be appearing on a panel with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to celebrate International Women’s Day discussing ‘The Resilience of Women During the Pandemic’ on Tuesday, 16 March. She shares the impact of the pandemic on vulnerable migrant workers and her hopes for the future. Read the full article here

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