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10 Years and still waiting: Time to ratify the ILO C189, Decent Work for Domestic Workers

The historic adoption of ILOC189 decent work for domestic workers on 16 June 2011 was a major step on recognition of Domestic Workers Rights. Watch the video why it is urgent to ratify this convention. 10 Years since C189 was adopted. UK Government has not taken any responsibility to ensure domestic workers in the UK are properly protected with labour rights and social protection.

Domestic Workers set history when International Labour Standard ILO C189 was adopted on 16th of June 2011 and was enforced on 5th of September 2013 aimed to protect over 53 million domestic workers worldwide. However for UK Domestic Workers, it was a betrayal when UK abstained to vote for the convention and was the only member country of the ILO that didn't vote. The UK claimed that '' The UK already provides comprehensive employment and social protection to domestic workers and we do not consider it appropriate or practical to extend criminal health and safety law, including inspections, to private households employing domestic workers''. On 2012 these labour rights and protection were scrapped.

To mark the 10 Years we prepared a panel event on june 16, 6 PM

10 Years and still Waiting: Time to Ratify the ILO C189, Decent Work for Domestic Workers is a webinar event organised by The Voice of Domestic Workers, Kalayaan and Freedom United. This event is supported by Unite the Union, Trades Union Congress (TUC), Anti-slavery International and Stop the Traffik.

This panel event is also to commemorate the 10 Years anniversary of ILO C189 and to celebrate the International Domestic Workers Day.

Chair : Miriam Karmali, Advocacy, Freedom United

Karin Pape, WIEGO (Women in informal Employment Globalising and Organising).

Marissa Begonia, Director of The Voice of Domestic Workers.

Ruth Olate, ex-president of SINTRACAP, the Domestic Workers Union in Chile. Ruth now works for CONLACTRAHO, the Latin American Federation of Domestic Workers.

Diana Holland, Assistant General Secretary of Unite the Union

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