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NOW IS THE TIME FOR EQUALITY: Recognise Union Equality Reps Work &Reinstate Domestic Workers Rights

On 26 September 2021 during the Labour Party Conference in Brighton, Unite the Union held many fringe events to highlight that workers' rights are in the main agenda of the week conference. One event was hosted by the Assistant General Secretary Diana Holland, ''Now is the time for equality: ''Time to recognise Union Equality Reps Work and Time to reinstate Migrant Domestic Workers' rights. There were panel speakers who talked about how important that Union Equality Reps Work are recognised and that every branch of the Union should have Equality reps. The Voice of Domestic Workers have an speaker representative Wendy who talked about her journey and work condition in the UK. She also shared about her struggle during the pandemic lockdown and how she overcome the isolation, fear and loneliness. Please watch the video above for the panel event.

We also did some flash mobs during our time in Brighton at the Labour Party Conference.

Body and Mind Wellness Workshop: You're A Superstar

Group photo taken outside the building where Labour Party Conference is being held.

One Billion Rising Flash Mob: Break the Chain

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